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Throughout many years, the composition of intercourse has changed drastically. A process, which was once fast and furious, has slowed to a crawl. Of course, the entire purpose of the sexual act has been revolutionized. Since there is no longer a need to grow the human civilization larger, men and women can get together and enjoy this act of love making into the wee hours of the night. Of course, this puts a great amount of stress on men, since many of them suffer from premature ejaculation. Of course, there is a major misconception about this problem that should be understood, before moving forward.

The Truth about Premature Ejaculation

What many people do not realize is that early ejaculation isn’t a disease or an illness. It is actually inherited like anything else, including our hair, skin and eye colors. Since there was originally a need to procreate, men were forced to produce and ejaculate much quicker and more rapidly. This nasty little habit has been passed down through the generations. Since, times have changed, woman now expect men to take their time and wait for them to finish. Of course, the manly instinct doesn’t necessarily work in this fashion. Instead, we need to make changes, in order to stop premature ejaculation. There are many techniques and strategies, which should be implemented. Each of these will be discussed thoroughly, but we’ll save that for later.

Is it possible to stop?

Again, there is certainly a misunderstanding revolving around this problem. Many insist that you just can’t stop premature ejaculation, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that this is a problem, which is less studied and much more difficult to comprehend.

Can't stop premature ejaculation

How do I last longer in bed?

Therefore, it has become a bit of a myth, with preventions and treatments being ignored. This has led to a large variety of different techniques and methods being used to attempt to curb the problem. While some of these will work for a period of time, others will not work at all. In order to understand these concepts and techniques, you’ll want to read the information below and determine which is right for you.

Deep Breathing

There are many people, who absolutely swear by the deep breathing techniques, which can potentially increase the length of your lovemaking. There are certainly some good things to like from this method, including gaining the ability to break away from pills and creams, which can potentially be dangerous. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily have to hurt or squeeze yourself, as you would with other methods. Instead, deep breathing is just that, deep breathing.

In order to learn these techniques, you’ll need to sit down and breathe in deeply for three seconds. Hold that in for three seconds, before exhaling. This one is referred to as the triangular breathing exercise, and is believed to prolong the time before the male orgasm. Still, when you begin researching these techniques, you’ll find that there are twenty to thirty different poses and specific training exercises. If these techniques were really that effective, do you really think there would be so many of them? Wouldn’t there be one technique, which was used by all men? This is not an overnight method and requires many hours of practice, before you will find results.

Pharmaceutical Remedies

If you study the current medical field, you’ll find that there is pretty much a pharmaceutical remedy for everything! These medications, which often require a prescription, have been tested, researched and tested again in most cases. Paxil and Zoloft are among the pills, which are believed to be able to help delay the male orgasm. Sure, Paxil is a powerful medication that can potentially help curb your orgasm, but it is far from perfect! There are some very serious side effects of Paxil, which will make you want to avoid the medication for any form of treatment.

  • Extreme Mood or Behavior Changes
  • Thoughts of Suicide and Feelings of Depressing
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Dry Mouth and Diarrhea
  • Difficult sleeping

Each of these medications comes with a variety of dangerous side effects, which make them more dangerous than helpful. It is best to find ways to stop premature ejaculation naturally.

The Stop and Start Method

Many men have gone from one technique to another, in hopes of fighting off premature ejaculation. Many strongly believe in the stop and start method, while others suggest it is nothing more than a pipedream. In order to believe in the effectiveness of this method, you need to consider early ejaculation to be a condition, which can be improved with practice. Many people rely on this method and truly believe the problem to be an endurance issue and nothing more.

If this is something that you want to give a shot, you’ll need a lot of time and plenty of practice. The process involves masturbating or having sex and reaching the point of total enjoyment, but the downer is that you need to stop yourself, before you actually reach the climax. By fighting these urges, stopping and restarting, you’ll be able to start all over again. After a period of time, you are supposed to gain a longer longevity. Sadly, the method is effective for some, but not for others. On the downside, you have to spend a lot of time perfecting these techniques and nobody has time for that.

Ejaculatory control techniques

PE treatment, Start Stop Method

Kegel Exercises

If you wish to avoid dangerous medications, you may wish to try performing many kegel exercises. These techniques are used to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can have numerous benefits. These exercises can help prevent you from experiencing fecal incontinence, or urinary incontinence. On the other hand, some medical experts suggest that these exercises can actually prolong the male orgasm. In recent studies, leading names in sexual research have started to suggest that Kegel exercises can actually help to improve erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. While this is helpful, since it is offers a bit of comfort, without medications, you’ll need to perform the exercises repeatedly everyday, in order to experience results.

Creams and Sprays

Some manufacturers have attempted to capitalize on this condition, by developing products, such as delay creams, which claim to help prolong the male orgasm and prevent them from ejaculating too soon. Some individuals will certainly find improvements, while using these creams and gels, but there are definitely some drawbacks. When you really break it down, many of these miracle products are nothing more than Lidocaine and rubbing alcohol. You could mix up this type of concoction in your home for a few dollars.

Of course, these products have been around for sixty or more years. Surely, after this amount of time, they would have been perfected, right? Sadly, this isn’t the case, because the products are simply ineffective. On the other hand, they certainly don’t smell or taste pleasant, which may cause problems in the sack!

The Ejaculation Guru

Finally, there are some other products, which may effectively be able to help you gain longevity in bed. Obviously, some will be totally put off by the ideal of taking tips from some Joe Schmo that they don’t really know, but you should remember that Jack Grave, who provided the information for the Ejaculation Guru, has also suffered from this problem. In fact, he actually lost his girlfriend, due to his inability to hold out. After years of struggle, he decided to make a change and began experimenting with different techniques. Throughout the years, he learned new methods and techniques for increasing the length of time he could hold out, before he enjoyed his climax.

Well, all of the helpful techniques and strategies that Jack discovered have been included in a very helpful manual, which is being sold as the Ejaculation Guru. Obviously, some individuals will not know whether or not this product will work for them and will contemplate making the purchase. There are some upsides and some downsides. For instance, there have been thousands of individuals, who have found success with this product.

However, many will not, since they’re unwilling to perform the exercises, make the changes and follow Jack’s tips. If you’re not willing to do this, you shouldn’t bother wasting your money, but if you’re open to change, you’ll want to read the Ejaculation Guru review and find out how the product can help you!


Throughout the years, many men have attempted and failed to increase their longevity in bed. Sadly, this has led to many destroyed relationships and sometimes infidelity. Fortunately, there are some helpful techniques, which may be able to help you improve your chances of impressing and pleasing your woman. Although each individual man will likely find success with a different technique, or prefer one to the other, it is wise to experiment. Still, it is important to make sure that you take the time to read, research and study, in order to see how others have overcome the problem. By doing this, you will be able to improve your stamina, impress your woman and keep her around for many years to come! There is a solution out there and you just need to go ahead and find it!

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