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Premature Ejaculation – My Story and How I Improved my Situation

There are many people in this world that wish to do something, but never do. Eventually, some of these individuals will hit a breaking point, or an all time low, which will force them out of their comfort zones and inspire them to make changes. I’ve been there, and I’ve done it, so please listen to my story and use my experience to help you avoid the mistakes of my past. Well, allow my to introduce myself. In order to protect my identity, I’ll go by the name Peter. Obviously, this isn’t my real name, since this is a very revealing story, and I do not wish to have my identity compromised.

Below, you will discover my personal story, which involves an intense struggle with premature ejaculation. It is likely that you’ll find similarities between your own fight and mine. Allow your self to step into my shoes, and follow my individualized conflict, and eventual triumph, in order to guide yourself to a life free of early ejaculation.

My Troubles

How to stop premature ejaculation

PE problem – lasting longer in bed

When I was 17 years old, I had my first sexual experience. Lets, just say that I was thoroughly impressed with my abilities. I was forceful and relentless in my approach, as I jolted in and out quickly. When I finally hit my climax, which only took a few minutes, I felt like I was floating on air. Man, I was proud of myself. Unfortunately for my lady friend, I completely ignored her needs. In fact, in those few brief moments, she became an object and me, her owner. Sadly, when I looked at her face, I saw her dramatic displeasure with the experience. This is a look of regret that I will most certainly never forget.

At the time, I didn’t understand the entire situation or the consequences for the future. It didn’t cross my mind that this would be something I would struggle with for many years to come. Eventually, I went to college and got married. My wife was initially enamored with my overall being and ignored my downfalls. This was much to my pleasure, but all of her misgivings would come pouring out several years later.

Over a period of time, and after many failed sexual experiences, my wife finally let me have it. This happened repeatedly over a course of many years. I tried to fight the urges to climax immediately after penetration. This was difficult and somewhat impossible. Although I managed to hold out a little bit longer, it was never enough to keep my wife happy. She scolded me again and again, no matter how much I tried.

My Self Medication

Finally, I had enough of it and decided to reach out for help. I researched high and low trying to find out how to last longer in bed. I found an assortment of different products, medications, gels, and sprays, which promised to help me hold out just a little bit long. I wasn’t asking for much. In fact, I would’ve been satisfied to be able to last just ten minutes, but all of these products let me down.

Sadly, I also experimented with those miracle pills, such as Paxil. It certainly worked wonders on my psyche, but did nothing to prolong my orgasm. In fact, the pill most certainly provided the opposite of what I was looking for. Not only did it prevent me from lasting long, but also it actually made it more difficult for me to even get an erection, which was even worse than my initial problem.

One of the ways to last longer in bed?

Best way to last longer in bed?

How about that trusty start and stop method? A lot of men swear by this method and claim it helps them extend the length of their intercourse dramatically. I gave it a try, and again, I was let down significantly. To put it simply, I was not impressed in the least. Although it helped to prolong everything a little, it mostly felt like a struggle and a battle of wills, between me and my urges to climax. Basically, the method made intercourse unpleasant and very tiring. I gave up on that pretty dang quick.

Finally, I decided to give it one more shot. A buddy of mine had bragged about specific breathing techniques, which helped him hold out longer and please his wife better. He guided me through my initiation and taught me all of those wonderful breathing exercises. I stepped out by myself and attempted these methods, while masturbating. Suddenly, I felt a rush of sensation going directly to my head. I felt lightheaded and dizzy, as if I wasn’t receiving enough oxygen! I nearly hit the floor, before I gave up and the whole experience resulted in displeasure.

The Great Discovery

Eventually, I gave up and started refusing sex from my wife, which is something I never wanted to do. Our relationship took a hit and she started staying away from me. I nearly spiraled into depression, but one night, I had a breakthrough. I went online and started a furious search for treatments. I read numerous premature ejaculation reviews and discovered something called the Ejaculation Guru. At first, the price seemed a little steep, but I was willing to pay anything to correct my problem. I made my purchase, waited a few days and dug into the guide.

My Solution

Like a madman, I devoured the information, within the guides. Everything seemed so simple, straightforward and honestly, a little silly, but I paid and I was going to implement it regardless. So, I did and I was blown away by the results. My first sexual experience, while implementing these techniques, was much improved and everything seemed to come naturally. My wife and me went into the double digits, which was certainly a first! She was tremendously impressed and we were both happy, with the outcome. In fact, she questioned where I had learned my new techniques. I just put a smile on my face, and thanked Jack Grave silently. Now, our relationship is better than ever! The Ejaculation Guru improved my sexual abilities and saved my marriage. I am a true believer.

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